Address of the participants of the II All-Ukrainian Congress of IDPs from Crimea


participants of the II All-Ukrainian Congress of IDPs from Crimea

to the countries-guarantors of independence, sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine under the Memorandum on Security Guarantees in connection with Ukraine’s accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Budapest Memorandum) of December 1994, other member states of the United Nations, the Big Seven , The European Union, NATO

May 29, 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine

We, citizens of Ukraine, residents of Crimea – participants of the Second All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants from Crimea – state that our native land – Crimea – has been occupied by the Russian Federation for over a year. Guarantor countries have failed to take sufficient measures to protect Ukraine from the aggressor state, Russia.

For over a year, the Ukrainian people have been fighting heroically for the protection not only of their country, but of basic values, including the principles of the 1975 Helsinki Final Act.

In February – March 2014, the Kremlin leadership openly embarked on a catastrophic path to the destruction of the international security system, which emerged from the results of World War II. Russia has cynically and viciously violated its obligations to Ukraine, enshrined in a number of bilateral and multilateral documents, to guarantee the sovereignty, territorial integrity of our country, respect for borders and non-use of force or threat of force against it.

As a result of the Russian armed aggression and illegal annexation of Crimea, tens of thousands of citizens of Ukraine – Crimean residents, as well as hundreds of thousands of Donbass residents – are forced to leave their homes and find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances. We have to deal with issues of earnings, housing and housing in new places, when the country is, in fact, at war, the economy is in deep crisis, and the state, largely for objective reasons, is unable to effectively assist us.

But not only does it excite us.

Crimea has become a territory of fear, where the freedom of speech and assembly is destroyed, the rights to freedom of movement are systematically violated, the choice of citizenship, which promotes war, totalitarianism and chauvinism, which incites hatred for Ukraine, liberal values ​​and the free world, where violent acts are committed against opponents, oppressed loyal Ukrainian citizens of Ukrainian and Russian ethnic origin, the whole Crimean Tatar people are subjected to persecution, which already has the scale of ethnocide, where they are brutally selected from the horse owners thousands of businesses and other property.

In addition, our native land is increasingly militarized by the occupiers. Russia is actively deploying combat systems and weapons in the Crimea, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and perhaps nuclear weapons are already deployed in the Crimea! Russia is turning our native land – Crimea into a military base for further armed aggression and a training center for terrorists and saboteurs.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the people, organizations and states that, in the course of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, assisted us in providing temporary accommodation, defended the basic values ​​of international law and upheld the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country.

At the same time, we appeal to the countries-guarantors of the integrity of Ukraine in accordance with the Memorandum on security guarantees in connection with Ukraine’s accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons – the USA, Great Britain, France and China, other states, the European Union and international organizations with a call to take decisive measures to uphold the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of States, the inadmissibility of armed aggression against other countries, and the violation of basic human rights and freedoms.

In our opinion, such measures should include:

– maintaining and strengthening sanctions against Russia and its leadership that have unleashed criminal aggression against Ukraine until all territories occupied by Russia have been recovered, as well as compensating the Russian Federation for financial and other damages caused by armed aggression, including those caused by occupiers of systematic human rights violations ;

– introduction of an international mission for monitoring human rights and discriminated against ethnic communities in the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Russia;

– reforming the UN and using all available UN mechanisms to prevent the aggression by the State Security Council and other organs of this organization of measures aimed at ending the aggression and restoring peace;

– providing effective economic, diplomatic and military assistance to Ukraine in order to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity;

– assisting Ukraine in the accommodation of internally displaced persons in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

Only the cessation of Russia’s armed aggression, the occupation of Crimea and other territories of Ukraine, Russia’s compensation for neo-imperial policies and criminal acts against Ukraine and its citizens will restore peace and tranquility!

It’s a long way to go, but this is the only way to guarantee long-term peace and prevent the world from slipping into the fall of World War II!

Adopted on May 29, 2015 in Kyiv