Appeal of the 1st All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants from Crimea

To the President of Ukraine

Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

OG Turchinov

Heads of parliamentary factions and groups of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

To the Prime Minister of Ukraine

AP Yatsenyuk

VO Head of the National Bank of Ukraine SI Kubiv

Local self-government bodies of Ukraine


The 1st All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants from Crimea

city ​​of Kyiv on May 23, 2014

We, participants of the 1st All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants from Crimea, state that the occupation by Russia of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol has resulted in enormous losses of over one trillion hryvnias and forced the departure of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens from its territory. Instead, the Russian occupation administration, in fact, creates the conditions for displacing the Crimean population and replacing it with new settlers from the Russian Federation. Those Crimeans who disagree with the policies of the Russian occupying power are subjected to motivated political persecution using intimidation through arrests and contrived charges of preparing terrorist acts.

At the same time, citizens of Ukraine, who, under pressure from the occupying authorities, left the Crimea in the mainland of Ukraine, found themselves in extremely difficult socio-economic, domestic and political-legal conditions. The vast majority of them do not have housing, jobs, their bank accounts blocked. Many Crimean entrepreneurs have no opportunity because of bureaucratic problems to resume their activities in the mainland of Ukraine. Accordingly, many IDPs from Crimea do not have the means of subsistence, but instead have problems with the processing of many documents.

The legal status of the IDPs has not been determined, which makes it difficult for them to exercise the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and legitimate interests, which requires immediate additional legal regulation.

We commemorate the state’s efforts to address our problems. They were successful in the fields of education, medicine and implementation of social guarantees. According to the decision of the authorities, students from Crimea were given the opportunity to transfer for further education in universities in other regions of the state at the budget expense. Crimeans can easily study in schools and receive medical care, a number of social payments in the mainland of Ukraine.

But, unfortunately, the efforts of the state and local self-government bodies in mainland Ukraine are not yet sufficient to solve the problems and meet the needs of the IDPs from Crimea.

In connection with these delegates of the First All-Ukrainian Congress it was decided to create an All-Ukrainian Coordinating Council of organizations of IDPs from Crimea and we turn to:

President of Ukraine:
Identify bills that ensure the exercise of the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons from the Crimea as a priority and submit them for consideration with a view to prompt adoption of the laws as a whole before the end of the current session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:
Adopt laws that ensure the exercise of the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons from Crimea, which should regulate the status of this category of citizens and fully ensure the realization of their constitutional rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.
Identify the category of Ukrainian citizens who have suffered from the occupying Russian regime as a result of politically motivated persecution, and create a mechanism to protect their rights, freedoms and social rehabilitation.
Legally define the mechanism of preferential allocation of land for forced displaced persons for housing construction.
Legally define the right to receive government grants and preferential long-term targeted loans for internally displaced persons to build their own housing.
Amend the Law of Ukraine “On Freedom of Movement and Free Choice of Residence in Ukraine” to introduce the IDP of a displaced person from the temporarily occupied territory as a document that records the place of residence and residence of the person.
Include in the working groups of the Verkhovna Rada Committees working on draft laws ensuring the rights and freedoms of IDPs from Crimea, representatives of the public association “All-Ukrainian Coordinating Council of IDPs from Crimea”.
Establish a Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol.
To consider the legislative mechanism for holding early elections in the fall of 2014 for the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Sevastopol City Council.
Legally define the preferential conditions for taxation and crediting of business entities registered and continuing their activity in the mainland of Ukraine during the Russian occupation of Crimea.
To borrow the experience of foreign states in holding elections by electronic voting. Ask for the provision of such software cookies. In particular, to adopt the experience of electronic voting in Brazil.
Create an expert inter-faction group and study the problem of protecting Ukrainian citizens in Crimea from Russian claims.
Prepare and adopt the Law of Ukraine “On Free Economic Zone in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Kherson Region”.

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

3.1. To create an executive body of state power with special status for solving the issues of social rehabilitation and integration of IDPs from Crimea.

3.2. To consider the resumption of temporary activity of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Sevastopol city state administration in the territory of mainland Ukraine.

3.3. Contact international organizations for assistance in providing information security and access to information through electronic resources for the population of Ukraine, which resides in a temporarily occupied territory.

3.4. Provide funding for temporary accommodation and food for IDPs in places of residence prior to providing housing for permanent residence in mainland Ukraine.

3.6. Develop a mechanism for moving or opening new budget rates for employment at the place of actual displacement of Crimean IDPs who worked in the Crimea in the budget sphere, and recommend to the central executive authorities to create a list of vacancies for the employment of IDPs from Crimea. In order to ensure a fair distribution of jobs and to prevent corruption, publish the list of job vacancies created on official ministry sites.

3.7. Provide temporary registration by the State Migration Service of Ukraine of IDPs from Crimea, arrange their registration and issue them with IDPs of IDPs from Crimea. To establish that IDPs from Crimea are sufficient grounds for receiving social benefits and determine the place of residence / residence of IDPs from Crimea without making changes to their passport at the place of registration.

3.8. Develop a state program for providing permanent housing for internally displaced persons with the involvement of foreign and domestic investors, state authorities and local self-government bodies, introducing corresponding amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 01, 2014 No. 65 “On saving of public funds and prevention of expenses.

3.9. Develop a draft amendment to the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2014”, which provides for funding programs for the temporary housing of internally displaced persons.

3.10. Provide funding for housing reimbursement programs for IDPs from the Crimea.

3.11. Develop mechanisms for one-off and long-term (up to 12 months) financial assistance to internally displaced persons from the Crimea to secure their new place of residence.

3.12. To change the location of the State organization “All-Ukrainian Information and Cultural Center” to the city of Kiev. To form an information policy on the Crimea in the state-owned enterprise.

3.13. Provide premises to the All-Ukrainian Coordination Council of organizations of internally displaced persons from Crimea in the building of the State Enterprise “Crimean House” (Kyiv city).

3.14. To create a “single window” in each oblast center of Ukraine with the participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Revenue and Charges of Ukraine and other specialized ministries and agencies in order to quickly provide state services that ensure the exercise of rights and freedoms for citizens of Ukraine.

3.15. Contact international humanitarian organizations with a proposal to assist Ukrainian citizens who have remained in the Crimea and displaced persons in the mainland.

3.16. Ensure full compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families” regarding servicemen who have been forcibly transferred from the occupied territory to the mainland of Ukraine.

3.17. Develop proposals for the organization of recreational health education programs on the territory of mainland Ukraine for children of internally displaced persons from Crimea (IDPs) and those who are temporarily occupied.

3.18. Develop a mechanism of social guarantees that will encourage the rejection of Russian citizenship by Ukrainian citizens.

3.19. To create a network of public organizations that support and develop the culture of Ukraine, its traditions.

3.20. To provide the possibility of distance learning of children who live in the temporarily occupied territory and have expressed a desire to continue to receive Ukrainian education in the schools of mainland Ukraine, to develop an appropriate mechanism for passing exams and obtaining educational documents for this category of children, and their participation in national competitions and creative competitions, to ensure that Crimean people are widely informed about these opportunities.

3.21. Develop proposals for webinars and distance learning courses promoted qualification for teachers of Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages ​​and languages ​​of national minorities, as well as teachers of other subjects that are in the temporarily occupied territory, who wish to leave and improve their educational qualifications.

3.22. Develop a mechanism for the publication of textbooks for teaching children in Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian language classes located in the temporarily occupied territory, as well as provide necessary textbooks for students who have left for the mainland of Ukraine.

National Bank of Ukraine:

4.1. Provide immediate unblocking of the settlement, deposit and credit accounts of the citizens of Ukraine who resided in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol by state and commercial financial institutions.

4.2. To regulate the issue of the actual application of responsibility for violation of the legislation on access to the settlement, deposit and credit accounts and other banking services of Ukrainian citizens, including the IDPs from Crimea.

4.3. Prohibit the sale, transfer or other alienation by the banking institutions of collateral located in the occupied territory.

4.4. To complete settlement of the issue 4.1. stop accruing penalties and interest on credit obligations.

4.5. Remove restrictions on receiving funds from bank accounts by Ukrainian citizens remaining in Crimea.

Local self-government bodies of Ukraine:

5.1. To resolve the issue of temporary housing for the IDPs from Crimea.

5.2. To resolve the issue of allocation of land for forced displaced persons from Crimea for housing construction.

We, the delegates and participants of the 1st All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants from Crimea, consider the decision of the issues of ensuring the rights and freedoms of the IDPs from the Crimea the duty of both current and future authorities. Because Crimea is Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Adopted on May 23, 2014 by delegates of the First All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants from Crimea.