Battle for Crimean children: civic activists join forces with Ministry of Education

“Crimean NGOs have decided to unite to try to develop advocacy and information campaigns to enable Crimean children to join Ukrainian universities in 2016,” said Valentina Potapova , educational coordinator at a round table in Kyiv. “What we are doing now can be called a battle for Crimean children between Ukraine and Russia.”

According to Ms. Valentina, at present, working groups have been set up at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, to which representatives of Crimean NGOs have joined. The working groups work in three directions. “The first is the changes in the legislative framework of Ukraine and the harmonization of normative legal acts, the second is technical, as we rely on online education, we need to understand very well how this service will be provided and the third – methodological and pedagogical, which aimed at creating programs, analyzing existing programs, exploring the possibility that Crimean children today do not hand over those subjects that are somehow similar to Russian ones (mathematics, physics, chemistry…), ”stated the coordinator of educational programs.

In the nearest plans to start negotiations with the deputies, so that the budget of Ukraine will put money for those programs that will allow the Crimeans to study in the mainland of Ukraine. A very serious information campaign will also be conducted in parallel to increase the number of children from the occupied peninsula in the Ukrainian universities in the finals. “Our main goal is children who, after leaving school in the occupied Crimea, would be able to go to mainland Ukraine and get an education here,” said a representative of the CCP “Almenda”.

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