Forced migrants from Crimea organized the first All-Ukrainian Congress

Where to live, study, treat, work, and from whom to expect redress? To solve these problems, Crimeans gathered at the first All-Ukrainian Congress of Forced Migrants. Those who have been forced to leave their homes and travel to the mainland are offered to join working groups and work together to solve urgent problems.

Forced displaced persons from the Crimea will now jointly tackle the problems of housing, employment and legal protection. The formation of the respective working groups was decided at the first All-Ukrainian Congress of IDPs from Crimea. Volodymyr Falkovsky , one of the organizers, invites Crimeans who have moved to the mainland of Ukraine to solve problems jointly.«Now all are scattered, and it is necessary to unite Crimeans into one team. Organizers have been confronted with the fact that humanitarian assistance comes even more than necessary at some points in the settlement of Crimeans. But in other places it is significantly lacking. The mechanisms of proper settlement and accounting are not worked out at all. Well, the legal framework has not been worked out at all. For this purpose all unite in one team », – the organizer told.

Appropriate committees will be formed for cooperation between Crimeans. The working groups will solve the problems of temporary and permanent housing, employment, social security, education. In addition, they plan to cooperate with state authorities and international institutions.

Private entrepreneur Oleksandr Shvets moved to Kiev because she is convinced that it is impossible to develop a business in the occupied Crimea. She wants to join the Working Group on Entrepreneurship and Banking. The woman hopes that in this way she will be able to help herself and others to develop their business in the mainland of Ukraine.

“We have a private business. Son, daughter, granddaughter, we all got here. In Russia, there is no such small and medium business, and that is what feeds us. There is no way to develop your business. Well, the main reason for the move is that they decided for me. I do not want to live in Russia, but if I wanted to – I would pack my suitcase and move, I am a free man, ”adds the Crimean.

Public organizations, charitable foundations and state institutions joined the All-Ukrainian Congress. The organizers promise that the meetings of the Crimeans will soon become a real mechanism for solving the problems of displaced persons.

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