Olga Skrypnyk: “Vladimir Balukh is an example of Ukraine’s resistance in Crimea”

Today in Kiev, all the indifferent gathered for a rally to support Crimean Vladimir Balukh , who is being persecuted in occupied Crimea for his pro-Ukrainian position. According to the participants of the event, for many people this was an example of courage, patriotism and dedication to Ukraine.

“An example of… peaceful but strong opposition to Ukraine in Crimea is Vladimir Balukh… This man… is in essence the embodiment of Freedom, ” Olga Skrypnyk , the head of the Crimean Human Rights Group , emphasized.

According to Andriy Shchekun , a representative of the Crimean Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation “Ukrainian House”, the pressure, persecution, and fabricated cases against Vladimir indicate that the occupiers are afraid of everything Ukrainian – resistance, language, flag.

During the rally, activists raised a number of demands on the Ukrainian authorities. “We expect the Ukrainian Parliament to adopt a law on the protection and support of political prisoners and their families…. We also expect that the corresponding changes will be adopted in the budget, and the families of political prisoners and those who have been tortured, lost their health today… will receive specific state support, ”Olga Skripnik emphasized. Activists also said that the Government should increase funding for Ukrainian consulates in Russia so that they could protect Ukrainians who are currently being illegally held in Russia. The participants of the action also addressed the President of Ukraine with the request to create a coordinating body that will decide on the release of our political prisoners, the release of people in captivity.

We will remind, Vladimir Balukh the occupying power began to actively pursue two years ago for his pro-Ukrainian position which he was not afraid to express openly: over his house in the Crimean village of Serebryanka of the Razdolnensky area all the time the Ukrainian flag was majors, and at the end of last year a table appeared on his house with the inscription “Heavenly Hundred Street, 18”. By that time, he was already having problems with law enforcement – receiving administrative punishments from the occupation regime. For “Heavenly Hundred” in the house of the Crimean conducted another search, during which allegedly found ammunition and TNT checkers. Vladimir has been in prison since December 8, 2016.

On December 1, the Crimean District Court in Crimea decided to release pro-Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Balukh to his home directly from the courtroom, but the struggle continues. After all, on December 6, Volodymyr Balukh received a decree on bringing him in as an accused under Part 2 of Art. 321 of the Criminal Code (disorganization of activities of institutions providing isolation from society). The charge was filed in the context of a criminal case opened during the detention of an activist in a pre-trial detention center in Simferopol. According to human rights activists, all this may end up in the fact that Vladimir will be in the remand prison again.

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