“People of the Gray Zone” is a book that refutes the myth that Crimeans did not resist occupation

The presentation of the book “People of the Gray Zone” took place in Kyiv. It gathers the testimonies of people who have fallen victim to the occupation of the Crimean peninsula as they tried to resist Russian aggression.

“I am convinced that what happened in Crimea in the spring of 2014 and what is happening now is an international crime, which the Russian Federation must be responsible for. In this context, the memoirs written in this book are testimonials that we hope will be used at an international tribunal to raise the issue of the responsibility of the Russian Federation for crimes against humanity , ”stressed Volodymyr V. , Head of the Ukrainian National Institute memory during presentation. He also noted that work on this project would continue. The book is planned to be translated into foreign languages, as its authors are convinced that this information should be heard worldwide.

In turn, Andriy Shchekun , coordinator of the Euromaidan-Crimea movement, noted that this book is an indication that there has been resistance in the Crimea, which continues to this day. After all, today we have more than 70 political prisoners-Crimeans who are in prisons of the Russian Federation.

“With the occupation of Crimea, the recent history has begun, which will lead to the collapse of the Russian Federation, just as the Soviet Union fell apart in due time. We know those political prisoners, dissidents who fought in the shadows of the USSR. So today our Crimeans in the backstreets of the Russian Federation are resisting, and we, the… immigrants from the Crimea , who today were fortunate to be free in Ukraine , support them. And we direct our activity to make Ukraine free, independent and Crimea to be part of Ukraine, ”the public activist emphasized.

The entire edition, which is 1,000 copies, will be distributed free of charge to libraries. The electronic version of the book is also freely available on the site of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

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